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Sir Leonydus, the Critical Race Theory Dragon Slayer

Book Review- Raising Victims There was in medieval times a community environment called the motte and the bailey. Mr. Johnson employs this setting to illustrate a Critical Race Theory practice.  It is a bait-and-switch argument. He has achieved in his enumeration of this, and other CRT weapons, a kind of literary knighthood. He would denounce the formal title perhaps, but he is the armor-clad avenger for those aggrieved by the perils of the dragon. -Claims that those not adhering to CRT are sick. Slain by the truth. -The belief that everything another says or does is meant to harm me (Hostile Attribution Bias.) Knocked out by a proper understanding of human identity. -The conviction that racism is the key to all America’s troubles.  Amputated by actual applications of justice and accountability. -Equity is the answer for racial discrimination. Torn down by the pursuit and promise of liberty. -“Racism is generally rampant and pervasive.” Disproved by history, both long-term

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