Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why I Don’t Know What I May Need to Know

Book Review- The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper

This book aims to show how curiosity helps us bear the image of God, deepens our relationships with others, and allows us to have a greater impact on society.  The author fills that tall order effectively. 
The first page validates all those who ask what many suppose to be dumb questions.  Asking is “not a sign of being dumb; it’s a sign of being curious.” That idea launches Piper into a convincing list of ‘uncuriosity’ side effects.  He then demonstrates that curiosity is a very grown-up quality because faith-filled curiosity seeks the
truth. “Without curiosity, we cannot be what God wants us to be.”
We need a book on curiosity because “most people’s minds are stupefied by comfort and overwhelmed by busyness.” A key question for the curious is what don’t I know. “Children need more than schooling because life is more than choosing from options A through D and passing a standardized test.”  Curiosity leads to greater knowledge and deeper relationships.  But the curious questioner must regard the guidance of Scripture.  The fruit of the Spirit for instance.
Part 2 zeroes in on the guidelines more specifically.  How will we use our knowledge?  What are the boundaries of ‘Christian’ curiosity? Who sets them? Will our curiosity be broad or focused? Will we let fear hinder our pursuits? What is healthy skepticism? How curiosity turns us outward, away from selfishness. 
Chapter 11 is a thoughtful declaration on how curiosity can affect our lives practically.
In summary, “We must constantly be looking for where truth and people intersect because that is where the gospel can land.”