Friday, June 8, 2018

The Bible's Worldview in a Worldview Bible

A Review of the Christian Worldview Bible

If you are looking for a study Bible with helpful devices like individual book summaries, historical context, timelines, selected verse notes and commentary, paragraph headings, cross-references,, printed in two columns on the fine paper you expect in a Bible, with a 100-page concordance and colorful simple maps, the Worldview Study Bible suffices.
But it dramatically exceeds those expectations.  The volume includes 130 essays on worldview issues from a biblical perspective.  Among the topics are an introduction to worldview, what is human, articles on gender, birth control, arts and cinema, biblical authority, higher education, slavery, and medical ethics. Contributing authors include R. Albert Mohler, David Dockery, Paul Copan, Russell Moore, Douglas Groothius, William Dembski, Trevin Wax, Shera Melick, and 100 more. Each book is introduced with a summary of its worldview elements.  This Bible contains a worldview library of instruction.  And you have it at your fingertips. I teach classes on Christian Worldview and this Study Bible will be invaluable.
However, if you are not familiar with the Holman Christian Standard Bible you might want to get a copy first.  I personally find that it reads well and serves as an adequate complement to other popular translations. The Christian Worldview Bible is a physically heavy book, as one would expect but, on a desk, or on a shelf will provide a wealth of wisdom.
(I was given this book to write a review.  I do so with no expectation from the publisher to give a favorable report.)