30 Days to Understanding the Bible, a Review

30 Days to Understanding the Bible (BibleIn30Days.com) has been a delight to read. It will provide many opportunities for discussion.  I have not promoted a book so enthusiastically in a long time. Some people in my church will be ordering their own copy.  
Here are some of the reasons this volume is extraordinary.
In 30 days, you will understand the Bible better.
Each chapter builds on the previous. There is no need to go back to the last chapter to establish the context.
The written illustrations are well-planned and delivered. 
The graphic illustrations are eye-catching and practical.
The constant repetition of main points aids memorization. “Repetition is the key to mental ownership.” ( Max Anders)
The times and dates flow seamlessly into the text.  There is nothing contrived.
Many Bible surveys are choppy because each book is discussed as an entity.  Understanding the Bible ties every book together in a complete picture.  From the Beginning to the Culmination the plan of God is connected.
Max Anders has carefully highlighted the most significant events.
The New Testament is divided into three eras- the Gospel, Missions, and Church. It is simple and easy to learn.
Ten basic doctrines are explained without the use of theological language.
Understanding the Bible in 30 days will be my textbook whenever I teach Bible Survey.  I have already begun to use it in my current class.


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